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Australian Made Premium Select Skateboards

We are calling our new range of boards Premium Select. Why ? Because we use only PREMIUM veneers supplied by the best US hard Maple veneer supplier in the USA. We then SELECT from those premium veneers only the better sheets to use in our boards. Veneers are arranged to have the cleanest veneers in the layers that need the most strength, boards are cold pressed using the best USA made glue.

We have two different concaves to choose from. Our tried and tested "Yellow" std mould concave and a new "Red" mould concave, we are calling the "Omnicave"

See our new "Reflection" range of shapes under the Premium Select range. These boards have the same nose and tail outline curves.

            reflection-range-2020.jpg               yellow-mould.jpg                  omnicave-concave.jpg