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Omni Boards Australia as it is now was founded in 1987.

Though "Omni's" roots in skateboarding go way back to about 1972 when the founder Cary Pogson, started skateboarding and surfing. Making his first surfboard in 1975, registering Omni Surfboards Australia as a business name in 1978, all the while skateboarding and making his own skateboard decks.

The word Omni means all or everything, so this name represents Cary's love for board sports.

"Omni" ventured into snowboarding, making prototypes in 1984 and 1985, then becoming the first in Australia to manufacture snowboards in 1986. Early 1986 Cary was a part of the first "Australian Snowboard Team" to first travel to Kashmir, along with Geoff Sawyer and Adrian Gibbs being the first to snowboard the Himalaya's, then going on to the USA competing in the "US Open" in Vermont and then the "World Titles" in Colorado. Coming back to help promote snowboarding during the 1986 season, and at the end of the season being the major sponsor and part organiser of the first snowboard contest ever held in Australia the "Omni OZ Classic"  held at Guthega ski resort in Sept 1986.

The venture into snowboarding didn't go well business wise, being too early for the later boom. Cary then started full on skateboard manufacturing in 1987, registering "Omni Boards Australia" as a business name in the same year, and started the full on manufacture of skateboards.

Over the years Omni Boards has sponsored heaps of Australia's best skaters, names you may or may not be familiar with. You should really check out our team list back on our main web site Omni Boards Australia the names are a veritable Who's Who of Australian skateboarding in the late 80's and 90's.

High manufacturing and labour costs, along with ever constantly lower prices for skateboards meant "Omni" could no longer sustain manufacturing here in Australia. In 2005 Cary toured a number of factories in China, checking out manufacturing quality and standards. Finding a factory who could produce decks to the high quality standard worthy of branding his hard fought name Omni. After a year of product trials and shape sampling we ceased manufacturing here and imported our first batch of boards from China.

We work closely with our deck supplier making sure we have great concaves and use our own custom shapes that are ever evolving. The same goes for all our other suppliers of hardware, sourcing direct from the factory so we have control of quality and get the best prices to pass onto you.